reactive modification of polymers

Reactive modification of polymers

Plastic Additives

By using siloxanes with functional groups such as acryloxy, aminoalkyl, carboxyl, polyester or hydroxyalkyl siloxanes can be incorporated permanently into suitable polymers such as PA, PET, PBT, TPE ot TPU.

The modification of polymers by siloxane segments enhances several characteristics like impact resistance, elasticity and hydrophobicity. This opens new performance profiles for different polymer types.

Product Listing

  • TEGOMER® C-Si 2342

    TEGOMER® C-Si 2342 is a reactive organo-func-tional polysiloxane used as hydrophobizing agent in the leather industry. Due to the carboxyl end groups TEGOMER® C-Si 2342 can be used as a reactive component to modify bulk properties of polymers.

  • TEGOMER® E-Si 2330

    Epoxy functional siloxane.