surface treatment aids 

Surface treatment of pigments, fillers and flame retardants for improving their compatibility with the surrounding polymer matrix.


Pigments, fillers and flame retardants are important components of many plastics formulations, giving the product the desired appearance or the desired technical features.

The problem: The particles are usually too hydrophilic, making it difficult to mix them with the polymer matrix. Many manufacturers of these raw materials therefore rely on additives from Evonik, which make targeted changes to the surface properties of the particles so that they are easier to process.

Organically modified siloxanes such as TEGOPREN® 6875 or TEGOPREN® 6879 are used by the manufacturers of pigments, fillers, and flame retardants to make the surface of their particles more hydrophobic. A further advantage: In contrast to other agents, the special additives from Evonik also improve the dispersion properties of the products. This means that compounders can work the particles into the polymer matrix more easily.

Products such as TEGOPREN® 6875-45 (emulsion) can be stirred into the filter cake or slurry after grinding and before drying. This product can be applied in a spray dryer. The 100% version of it, TEGOPREN® 6875 (colourless liquid), withstands extremely high temperatures, such as those found in steam mills.


  • TEGOPREN® 5885

    Wetting and Dispersing, dispersion of nano filler, Masterbatches & Compounds, organomodified Siloxane.

  • TEGOPREN® 6875

    TEGOPREN® 6875 is a liquid alkyl modified siloxane (liquid silicone wax) to be used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers and any pigments used in thermoplastic formulations.  

  • TEGOPREN® 6875-45

    Dispersant, surface modification of pigments and fillers. Organomodified siloxane, emulsion.

  • TEGOPREN® 6879

    TEGOPREN® 6879 is an organo-modified siloxane to be used for surface treatment of inorganic fillers, pigments and flame retardents making them easier dispersible in thermoplastics formulations.

  • TEGOPREN® 6879-50

    TEGOPREN® 6879-50 is a liquid dispersing additive used for surface treatment to improve dispersion properties of flame retardants, inorganic fillers, organic and inorganic Pigments in polyolefines and engineering resins.