Cable compounds

Cable Compounds

Plastic Additives

Flame resistance is an issue of high consideration for a variety of new compound developments used in cable jacketing materials for building and transportation as well as for electronics.

OMS additives improve in halogen free flame retardant EVA compounds die drool and throughput. Additionally it allows fillings up to 65 % of ATH or MDH finally resulting in highest flame resistance.

Product Listing

  • TEGOMER® FR 100

    Siloxane EVA compound.

  • TEGOMER® V-Si 4042

    Vinyl modified siloxane.

  • TEGOPREN® 5885

    Oganomodified Siloxane. Additive for MDH-based HFFR cable compounds.

  • TEGOPREN® 6875

    TEGOPREN® 6875 is a liquid alkyl modified siloxane (liquid silicone wax) to be used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers and any pigments used in thermoplastic formulations.

  • TEGOPREN® 6879

    TEGOPREN® 6879 is an organo-modified siloxane to be used for surface treatment of inorganic fillers, pigments and flame retardents making them easier dispersible in thermoplastics formulations.