Antistatic Antifogging

Base additives - still necessary for making plastics working

Plastic Additives

In food packaging fog formation leads to unfavorable appearance and may cause food spoilage. Our cling & antifogging additive TEGO® STS acts as surface active or wetting agents and prevent the formation of discrete water droplets.

The excellent absorbing properties of our TEGO® Sorb odor absorber enables the effective control of odors evolving from polymers, compounds or masterbatches like hydrogen sulphide, mercaptane, amines and others.

The antistatic additive TEGIN® 90 provides resistivity control. As the additive migrates to the surface at different speeds, the effect develops at different rates, depending on the polymer type. 

Product Listing

  • TEGIN® 90 Pellets

    Glycerol Monostearate.

  • TEGO® Sorb PY 88 TQ

    TEGO® Sorb PY 88 TQ is a zinc ricinoleate used as odor absorber with a key and locker principle; it is not working with a flavor principle.


    Antifogging additive for plastic food packaging, sorbitan tristearate.