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Adding value to polymers is the driving force behind our commitment to the plastics industry. Aiming to be the supplier of choice it is our goal to contribute to our customers success with innovative, cost efficient products for today and tomorrows needs.

We offer a broad range of additives for various applications of plastics like dispersion of color pigments and antistatic treatment of polymeric material. Our additives help to improve surface properties of polymers like scratch resistance and surface smoothness. Higher output and better processing of compounds can easily be achieved by applying processing aids.

as a permanent slip enhancer which yields a long lasting effect without any migration. 

Antiscratch & mar additives

for film production and injection molded parts.

Antifogging & cling additives

for film production and injection molded parts.

Antistatic agents

for pigment concentrates and fillers in masterbatches and compounds.

Dispersing additives

for polymers and compounds.

Odor absorber
  • as processing aids, surface modifying agents or material property enhancers. more

  • or as agents for Surface Treatment of pigments and fillers. more

Brochure Compounds and Masterbatches
Brochure "Additives for compounds and masterbatches"

Organomodified siloxanes (OMS) are  used during the production of polymeric materials as processing additives for extrusion, injection, and blow molding. In addition to serving as compatible internal slip and release agents, these specialties can also be applied as surface modifying agents or as material property enhancers by permanent implementation in thermoplastics and elastomeric polymers. As a result, they are used in a wide variety of applications, such as automotive parts, domestic and consumer goods.

Product Overview Compounds and Masterbatches 16:9
Product Overview "Additives for Masterbatchers, Compounders and Converters"

Evonik offers dispersing agents for  pigments, fillers, and flame retardants under the trade names TEGOMERĀ® and TEGOPRENĀ® as weill as additives for automotive applications, electronic devices, domestic appliances, and the furniture industry. Another part of our product portfolio are additives for odor absorbtion, antifogging and antistatic agents.

Selection Guide Recommendations for engineering resins 16:9
Selection guide "Recommendations for engineering resins"

Our selection guide offers recommendations for engineering resins used in PA, Polyester (PET, PBT), Styrene Polymers (PS, ABS, SAN), PC and PMMA.