Surface treatment

Surface treatment of pigments and fillers

Plastic Additives

Surface treatment of pigments, fillers and flame retardants for improving the compatibility of the fillers in the surrounding matrix.

Fillers are usually hydrophilic and do not easily combine with most polymeric materials which are usually hydrophobic. A range of specialty dispersants for pigment, filler, and flame retardant manufacturing are available for surface modification.

The OMS additives not only contribute to reinforcement but are also very useful in increasing the interaction of particles to impart rheological properties, prevent sedimentation, aid dispersion, or prevent agglomeration. Products such as TEGOPREN® 6875-45 (emulsion) can be stirred into the filter cake or slurry after grinding and before drying. This product can be applied in a spray dryer. The 100% variation available as a colourless liquid (TEGOPREN® 6875) withstands extremely high temperatures, such as those found in steam mills. 

Besides the OMS additives, the TEGOMER® dispersant grades can be used in water-based filler, pigment, and flame retardant manufacturing processes to reduce the viscosity of the slurry and to achieve a high loading of fine-sized particles in the filter cake. Reduced water content in the filter cake requires less drying capacity, allowing manufacturers to save valuable energy while achieving a high-end dispersion of the pigment, filler or flame retardant. 

Product Listing

  • TEGOMER® DA 640

    TEGOMER® DA 640 is an anionic modified polyether to be used for the following main applications: - dispersing of fillers as well as of inorganic and organic pigments in water-based systems -flocculation of inorganic pigments or fillers even in presence of high electrolyte content - emulsifier for the polymerization

  • TEGOMER® DA 646

    TEGOMER® DA 646 is a wetting and dispersing additive based on polyether technology and can be used as dispersant in liquid or solid concen-trates. Furthermore TEGOMER® DA 646 is an emulsifier technology to replace APEO in polymer dispersions.

  • TEGOMER® DA 850

    TEGOMER® DA 850 is a polymeric copolymer with pigment affinic groups to be used as a dispersant in water based-surroundings. It allows to transfer water-based pigment slurries into thermoplastics when water is being evaporated during the extrusion process.

  • TEGOPREN® 6875

    TEGOPREN® 6875 is a liquid alkyl modified siloxane (liquid silicone wax) to be used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers and any pigments used in thermoplastic formulations.

  • TEGOPREN® 6875-45

    Organomodified siloxane, emulsion.

  • TEGOPREN® 6879

    TEGOPREN® 6879 is an organo-modified siloxane to be used for surface treatment of inorganic fillers, pigments and flame retardents making them easier dispersible in thermoplastics formulations.