ACCUREL® SF 1710 gives molded parts a smoother surface appearance.

TEGOMER® AntiScratch 100

TEGOMER® Antiscratch 100 significantly increases the scratch resistance of plastic compounds (pp/talc) used for car interior applications like door panels or center console trims. In contrast to standard additives TEGOMER® AntiScratch 100 guarantees a durable and long lasting effect. Moreover, TEGOMER® AntiScratch 100 is a non-migrating additive which does not cause fogging, it has no influence on the haptics of the surface and the additive is absolutely odorless.

TEGOMER® AntiScratch L

TEGOMER AntiScratch L is a liquid organo modified siloxane that iincreases the scratch resistance of plastic compounds. Tegomer AntiScratch L can be used in filled and unfilled plastic compounds and is useful for polyolefines as well as for engineering plastics.

TEGOMER® C-Si 2342

TEGOMER® C-Si 2342 is a reactive organo-functional polysiloxane used as hydrophobizing agent in the leather industry.
Due to the carboxyl end groups TEGOMER® C-Si 2342 can be used as a reactive component to modify bulk properties of polymers.

TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P

TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P is a polyester modified siloxane which is delivered in pellet form with excellent compatibility in thermoplastic and duroplastic resins.

TEGOMER® M-Si 2650

TEGOMER® M-Si 2650 is used as an additive for thermoplastic elastomers, polyesters, polystyrene and technical compounds.


Wetting and Dispersing, dispersion of nano filler, Masterbatches & Compounds, organomodified Siloxane.


TEGOPREN® 6846 is an organic modified siloxane based wax, especially designed to improve the processing and final performance of polyolefin.


TEGOPREN® 6875 is a liquid alkyl modified siloxane (liquid silicone wax) to be used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers and any pigments used in thermoplastic formulations.