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For formulator of silicones

The Evonik portfolio includes additives and co-compounds for formulators for room temperature curing silicones (RTV), high consistency rubber (HCR) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR).

Silicon rubber materials must perform in various applications like automotive, appliances, energy supply and medical multiple requirements. Evonik offers a portfolio of additives for heat resistance on the one hand and resin materials for RTV, HCR, and LSR on the other hand.

In addition to that the rage contains co-compounds which can be used for a reformulation of HCR and LSR compounds to obtain materials with thermal conductivity or flame resistance. Finally, Evonik offers specialty products, for instance for modifying the haptic appearance of silicon rubber materials and reducing its stickiness. To achieve these effects either additives can be used or a transparent coating material which can be applied on top of a silicon rubber. It can even be applied on glass fiber substrates.