For recycler – washing, sorting and up-cycling

Defoaming, wetting, de-inking, de-labeling, draining, odor control… Evonik offers a broad range of products for the mechanical recycling process. Evonik’s organomodified siloxanes and dispersants further help to improve the mechanical properties and the processing of the recycled polymer material.

When it comes to sustainability, there is no alternative to the recycling of plastics. Food packaging that is collected from households can emit odors even after the cleaning process and this rules out any further usage.

The problem even affects non-mixed plastics, such as those originating from wastage from industrial production: Since the material is heated during the recycling process, undesirable characteristic odors from adhesives or polymer degradation can arise.

With its TEGO Sorb® additives brand, Evonik has developed a plant-based material that counteracts the development of odors even in low concentrations. The material works in accordance with the lock and key principle. Odors are not merely masked, instead TEGO Sorb® irreversibly binds the odor-causing molecules. This works best for nitrogen or sulfur-based odors. In many formulations, the addition of a minimal percentage by volume of TEGO Sorb® to the total mass is enough to achieve permanent improvement. This enables recycling manufacturers to use a higher percentage of recycled materials than ever before making their products more sustainable.