For converter

Evonik’s additives offer solutions for PE and PP films for food packaging, agriculture, electronics and cigarettes.

The use of recycled materials becomes more and more important. Evonik’s TEGO Sorb® range helps getting rid of malodor which often accompanies post-consumer recycled material. In our products TEGO Sorb® PY 50 PE and TEGO Sorb® PY 50 PP the odor absorber is already pre-dispersed in a PE or PP carrier making the products suitable for converters with no need of having compounding elements.

Evoniks products TEGOMER® 6810 (PE carrier) and TEGOMER® 6850 (PP carrier) are a halogen-free alternative to conventional fluorine-containing polymer processing aids (PPA).

Under the brand name ACCUREL® we offer additive concentrates in a pelletized form. The low polymer content improves the compatibility of ACCUREL® high concentrates with the base resin. The pre-dispersed additives support the homogenous distribution of the additive in the film.

Our ACCUREL® portfolio contains products with the following functions:

  • Slip / COF reduction
  • Antifog 
  • Antistatic 
  • Antiblock