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With the term converter we address manufactures of films, rigid packaging, foams, fibers and cables and the molding industry. By using Evonik highly filled additive concentrates, needs for antistatic, antifog, and antiscratch performance as well as demoulding efficiency can be fulfilled.

Evonik offers highly filled additive concentrates in pelletized form for the following applications:

  • Processing – Antistatic agents and PPAs against shark skin formation in the film manufacturing and die drool in cable extrusion
  • Mold release – For an improved molding process and less wasted parts
  • Antifogging – To avoid water droplet formation in green houses or for a longer shelf life of food
  • Antiscratch – To avoid scratches during transportation to TIER 1, in the assembling step and at the consumer
  • Haptic enhancement - Soft touch of automotive interiors, appliances and fibres
  • Melt flow enhancement – For a faster mold fillinga and less rejected parts
  • Odor absorption – Enable the use of more recycled plastics