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Our additives for the surface modification of compounds include antiscratch additives, haptic enhancers, slip agents for COF reduction and anti-squeak, stain preventers, antifogging and antistatic additives.

Evonik offers antiscratch additives for polyolefins like PP/talc compounds for automotive interior as well as for technical polymers like PA, PMMA or PC/ABS. The antiscratch effect is durable and long lasting and it is not accompanied by undesired side effects like odor, fogging or an increase of the surface tackiness.

Our haptic enhancers soften the touch of automotive interiors, appliances or fibers.

Our slip agents reduce the coefficient of friction (COF). Furthermore, they enable anti-squeak properties. Less abrasion of moving plastics parts or sealants for glazing is obtained.

Our stain preventers help to improve the stain resistance of appliances.

In food packaging fog formation leads to unfavorable appearance and may cause food spoilage. Our cling & antifogging additive TEGO® STS acts as surface active or wetting agent and prevents the formation of discrete water droplets.

The antistatic additive TEGIN® 90 provides resistivity control. As the additive migrates to the surface at different speeds, the effect develops at different rates, depending on the polymer type.