Plastic Additives

Film, foam & fiber

Evonik offers sustainable and comprehensive additive solutions for films especially for the flexible packaging market. We also offer unique products to foam and fiber productions.

To meet the flexible packaging market trend, Evonik has launched the fluorine-free polymer processing aids (PPA) TEGOMER® 6810 (for PE) and TEGOMER® 6850 (for PP). Both have additional benefits that improve haptics and slip without compromising transparency.

Evonik’s ACCUREL® portfolio for film offers high concentration additive masterbatches with up to 75% active additives, such as slip, antistatic and antifog agents. The introduction of ACCUREL® into the matrix ensures that a much less alien polymer is used without creating any mixing issues. 

In the polyolefin fiber and foam market, such as PP fiber for carpets, and PE foam for packaging, Evonik offers the excellent softening and antistatic agent, ACCUREL® GA 300 as well as offering a variety of foaming agents to choose from.

For film & packaging recycling, please visit our recycling application pages for more information.


High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help to reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where Evonik comes in; we work intensively to develop strategies and solutions on the key topics of the plastics industry.

This overview includes our product portfolio of additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters. We offer a broad range of products such as colorants, adjuvants for surface treatment as well as specialty additives for miscellaneous applications.