Plastic Additives

Cable & Electronics

From polymer electronical performance, to flame resistance and heat transfer, our portfolio meets all the demands of these cable and electronics applications.

Evonik’s multi-function additive TEGOMER® H-Si 6441 P helps to improve the Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) of different engineering compounds.

Regarding flame resistance, Evonik offers unique synergists in both liquid and solid form. These include, TEGOMER® V-Si 4042 and TEGOMER® FR 100 which enable the development of suitable HFFR cable compounds – both fully meet the latest regulations such as the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) without adversely affecting the material properties.

Moreover, Evonik also offers the flame-retardant compound TEGOSIL® FR 1000 for silicone rubber formulations, as well as ACCUREL® FR 519 flame retardant in PC, and ACCUREL® FR 504 in GPPS.

TEGOSIL® HT series as highly efficient heat transfer co-compounds can be applied in HCR and LSR formulation, as well as in potting applications.

Product Listing


High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help to reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where Evonik comes in; we work intensively to develop strategies and solutions on the key topics of the plastics industry.

This overview includes our product portfolio of additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters. We offer a broad range of products such as colorants, adjuvants for surface treatment as well as specialty additives for miscellaneous applications.