Plastic Additives

Application Areas

Demands on the esthetic appearance, the mechanical properties and the functionalities of plastic articles are continually increasing. To cope with these increased demands, Evonik offers a broad range of additives for various plastic applications.

Evonik’s performance additives for engineering resins and silicone rubber compounds offer the essential properties the automotive industry requires, including the new E-mobility market.

From polymer electronical performance, to flame resistance and heat transfer, our portfolio meets all the demands of these cable and electronics applications.

Dispersing at its best! TEGOMER®, TEGOPREN® and TEGO® dispersing additives are unrivalled in achieving high-quality masterbatches and liquid colorants by providing an optimum dispersion of the pigments or fillers.

Improving the functionality of pigments, fillers and flame retardants without increasing the cost? Evonik TEGOPREN® surface treatment portfolio is here for you.

Evonik offers sustainable and comprehensive additive solutions for films especially for the flexible packaging market. We also offer unique products to foam and fiber productions.

When it comes to sustainability, there is no alternative to the recycling of plastics. Food packaging that is collected from households can emit odors even after the cleaning process and this rules out any further usage. The problem can even affect non-mixed plastics, such as those originating from wastage during industrial production: Since the material is heated during the recycling process, undesirable characteristic odors from adhesives or polymer degradation can arise.