A fresh look at Packaging

Many consumers hardly give it a moment’s thought, but packaging is a really high-tech product: Sensitive electronics are protected by special plastic packaging that does not become statically charged. Food packaging is manufactured in such a way that it does not show fogging. This ensures that an appealing presentation is maintained, and it also has hygienic advantages: It means that there is no build-up of condensation, which could drop onto the packaged product and increase harmful bacteria levels. 

In many cases, special additives from Evonik impart new properties to packaging materials made of plastic ensuring their use in multiple scenarios. To ensure the performance additives can be easily processed a masterbatch is used. Evonik supplies the defined blends, in which the basic packaging materials and additives are present in a fixed pro-portion under the ACCUREL® brand name. These innovative additives ensure the necessary dosage accuracy and the even distribution throughout the entire packaging material.

Special additives such as TEGOMER® 6810 and TEGOMER® 6850 provide an even greater level of sustainability in the manufacture of packaging materials. As polymer processing aids (PPA), they improve the mechanical and optical properties of the finished packaging material as well as the performance of the production process. Additives based on organo modified siloxanes provide an environmentally friendly alternative to the previously used fluorinebased additives.


Additive Carrier Systems - The global demand of plastics is increasing year over year and in almost every corner of the world plastics are part of the human environment. Daily life without plastics appears to be impossible. However, most neat plastic materials exhibit quite poor properties and require additives to improve their processing and performance.


High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help to reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where Evonik comes in; we work intensively to develop strategies and solutions on the key topics of the plastics industry.

This overview includes our product portfolio of additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters. We offer a broad range of products such as colorants, adjuvants for surface treatment as well as specialty additives for miscellaneous applications.