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Our Plastics Technology Center in Essen, Germany

Evonik's global Plastics Technical Service Center  in Essen, Germany supports customers from the masterbatch, compounding and converter industry in the development of new recepies for thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomer applications.

Extrusion, thermoplastic and silicone rubber molding,  blown and cast film lines are just some examples of what is available to illustrate the additive performance.


We evaluate the performance of our polymer additives by several test methods which we have available in our lab. For example, mechanical properties of compounds as well as their surface properties are investigated. Furthermore, the quality of pigment dispersions of color masterbatches is analyzed.

For the preparation of masterbatches & compounds in our Plastics Technology Center we run a three-roll mill as well as two double screw extruders. Test specimen, e.g. grained plates or melt flow spirals, are prepared using our molding machines.


Scratch and mar resistance

Erichsen Scratch Tester, Five Finger Scratch Tester, Crockmaster

Melt flow properties and viscosity

Melt Flow Path, Melt Flow Index, Anton Paar Viscosimeter up to 400°C, Brabender Lab Kneader

Flame resistance (UL 94, cone)

UL 94 flame chamer, lowest oxigene index, cone calorimeter

Impact and notched impact test

Izod and charpy method at room temperature

Tensile/flexural/tier strength, elongation

Zwick universal testing machine


Shore Hardness Tester

Shark skin

Blown and Case Film Line from Brabender

COF modification

Erichsen Coat Master

Color and gloss evaluation

X-rite Model SP62, BYK micro-TRI-gloss

Electrical properties

PTL M 31 - CTI measuring device according IEC 60112

Heat conductivity

C3 Hotdisk TPS2200

Filter pressure value

Filter Pressure Equipment for Brabender Lab Station

Surface tension

Krüss Bubble Pressure Tensiometer


Fetronic HM 307 (high impedance measurement equipment) with annular electrode


Hot and Cold Fog Test


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your special requests. We will be pleased to support you with your formulation challenges.

Our extensive additives and applications knowledge complements the excellent capabilities of our Plastics Technical Plant in Essen, Germany that has been specifically designed to help run trials with you.