about plastic additives

Evonik high performance additives bring value to your plastics

The product portfolio of plastic additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters consists of TEGOMER®/TEGOPREN® performance additives for the improvement of mechanical properties or processing parameters and TEGOMER® dispersing agents for pigments and fillers. Our ACCUREL® highly filled additive masterbatches help in film production giving for instance antistatic and antiblock properties. Furthermore, we provide critical raw materials for the production of UV stabilizers.

Avoiding plastic waste, using environment-friendly materials, making efficient use of resources and energy, and improving the quality of life: These are some of the trends that coming generations will deal with to a much greater extent. To tackle these challenges, new sustainable high-performance materials with a reduced impact on the environment will be key. High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where our additives TEGOMER®, TEGOPREN® and ACCUREL® come in and enable such solutions.

The performance additives are intended to improve e.g. the scratch resistance of polyolefins and technical polymers or they can help to produce highly filled HFFR compounds. The dispersing additives are developed to save cost by reducing the amount of expensive pigments which is necessary to achieve a desired color strength. This effect is a result of a superior dispersion of the pigment particles and agglomerates in the polymer matrix. The additive masterbatches either improve flame retarding or antifog properties or support in film processing.

Processing Aids
Surface Modifying Agents
Material Property Enhancers
  • Rheology of polymer melt
  • Improved mold fill operation
  • Suppression of melt fracture
  • Improved mold release
  • Increased productivity
  • Lubrication
  • Antistatic
  • Antiblock
  • Improved dyeability
  • Reduced fiber breakage
  • Improved chemical resistance
  • Suppression of shark-skin
  • Reduced coefficient of friction
  • Enhancement of gloss
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Improved water resistance
  • Haptic enhancement
  • Lowered surface roughness
  • Improved impact strength
  • Reduced brittleness
  • Higher plasticity
  • Higher elongation
  • Improved coupling
  • Improved flame resistance
  • Improved color strength
  • Increased UV stability

Our products can be used as processing additives and surface and bulk modifying agents. They are extruded, molded or blow molded into polymers or compounds which can be used in wide spread applications, e.g. automotive parts, domestic and consumer goods and PE, PP or EVA film and sheet applications.


High-performance plastics contribute to the efficient use of resources as they help to reduce weight without affecting mechanical, optical or haptic characteristics. However, not all questions on the sustainable use and the recycling of such plastics have been fully answered yet. This is where Evonik comes in; we work intensively to develop strategies and solutions on the key topics of the plastics industry.

This overview includes our product portfolio of additives for masterbatchers, compounders and converters. We offer a broad range of products such as colorants, adjuvants for surface treatment as well as specialty additives for miscellaneous applications.