Application areas

Application Areas

Plastic Additives

Demands on the aesthetic appearance, the mechanical properties and functionalities of plastic articles are constantly increasing. To cope with these increased demands, Evonik offers a broad range of additives for various applications.


The amount of plastics used in internal and external parts in cars is constantly increasing. To maintain a vulnerable appearance, even after many years of use, Evonik offers a range of anti scratch and performance additives with long lasting efficiency designed for nearly any king of thermoplastics.

Cable compounds

Currently a strong trend to more environmental-friendly cable jacketing compounds could be observed at the market. HFFR compounds will provide an alternative to halogenated flame retardants. TEGOMERĀ® additives enable high loadings of inorganic flame retardants to achieve best flame retardants with optimized surface and mechanical properties.

color masterbatches
Color masterbatches

Colour masterbatches are the most common and convenient way to colourize plastic articles. To achieve highest possible colour strength and optimized rheological properties highly sufficient dispersants are needed. TEGOMERĀ® and TEGOPRENĀ® dispersing additive are unrivalled in achieving high quality masterbatches grades suitable for film and fibre applications.

Surface treatment
Surface treatment

Surface treatment of pigments, fillers and flame retardants for improving the compatibility of the fillers in the surrounding matrix.

liquid color paste
Liquid color pastes

Dispersants and wetting agents are one of the core competences of Evonik. Our dispersants for liquid colour concentrates enables high pigment loadings by low paste viscosity and outstanding colorizing properties.

Brochure Compounds and Masterbatches
Brochure "Additives for compounds and masterbatches"

Organomodified siloxanes (OMS) are used during the production of polymeric materials as processing additives for extrusion, injection, and blow molding. In addition to serving as compatible internal slip and release agents, these specialties can also be applied as surface modifying agents or as material property enhancers by permanent implementation in thermoplastics and elastomeric polymers. As a result, they are used in a wide variety of applications, such as automotive parts, domestic and consumer goods.